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Fic: Boring Dinner Parties

Title: Boring Dinner Parties
Rating: PG-13
Genre and/or Pairing:  Dean/Castiel, Sam/Gabriel (with Sam/Castiel and Dean/Gabriel at the start)
Warnings: Infidelity, Partner Betrayal
Word Count:  3600 approx
Summary:  Sam isn't even sure why he and Castiel host these dinner parties any more. The only people who ever come are Dean and Gabriel. They're so volatile, they shouldn't even be together. Not like him and Castiel. Their relationship is rock solid.
A/N: Although this story starts out with Sam/Castiel and Dean/Gabriel but the end pairs are Destiel and Sabriel. Thank you so much to [info]cynassa for beta-reading.

In Which Sam Throws a Dinner Party and his Relationship Falls Apart )

FIC: Little Wings of Joy

Title: Little Wings of Joy
Author: Last Winter Rose
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairing: Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Castiel, with guest starring Bobby Singer and Balthazar.
Word Count: 17,109
Warnings: Rating for detailed love scenes and this is a MPreg.
Spoilers: Mention of Season Six Arch Storyline but really if you watch the show and if you know the characters then you’re good to go.
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural in any way, shape, or form. The only payment I got from this was the fun I had writing it.
Author's Notes: This started out as a story that I was writing for fun and then I found the [info]mpregbb and I just had to finish it for it. Thank you to [info]wanderamaranth for making a mix to go with it as a beautiful cover as.

Summary: In the middle of the 'Heaven Civil War' Gabriel starts acting weird and goes missing for a while without a word to Sam. When he finally shows back up it's in the arms of Castiel, barely able to stand on his own two feet.

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