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Fic: That Boy is a Monster

Title: That Boy is a Monster
Author: bellacatbee
Artist: paula_lirio
Genre: Slash
Pairing (if applicable): Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Jimmy Novak
Rating: R
Warnings: Underage character (Sam is 15), canon levels of violence, masturbation
Tier/Word Count: Tier 2, 11040
Summary: John Winchester drags his sons to a small town to investigate the strange disappearances that have been happening around there for the past few years. Sam finds himself haunted by a candy wrapper and Dean is no help because he’d rather make out with a strange guy at the library then notice Sam’s crisis. Things then go from bad to worse when Sam is kidnapped by a cult intent on sacrificing him to their god – Loki.
Link to art: Here
Link to fic: AO3